Leo Zodiac: Personality, Money, and Love (2024)

Symbol: The Lion
Date range: July 23 – August 22
Element: Fire
Duality: Assertive
Polarity: Positive
Quality: Fixed
Power color: Orange
Body part: Heart, Spine, Spinal Column
Day: Sunday
Ruling planet: Sun

Ruling house: Fifth
Spirit color: Orange, Gold, Yellow
Birthstones: Peridot
Flower: Marigold and Sunflower
Compatibility: Aries, Gemini
Tarot card: Strength
Key traits: Confident, passionate, enthusiastic
Mantra: It’s OK to just be
Lucky numbers: 1, 3, 10, 19

The Leo Zodiac sign is the 5th astrological sign in the Zodiac. It originates from the Leo Constellation, known as the Lion. 

This sign is a fire sign, together with Aries and Sagittarius. Leo has an ancient history and an exciting story in Greek mythology.

Leo’s eminent personalities include Barack Obama. Jennifer Lopez, Roger Federer, Andy Warhol, and Louis Vuitton.

Leo zodiac sign

The Leo astrology sign is the 5th sign in the Zodiac. It falls in the year between Cancer, the Crab, and Virgo the Virgin.

Leo originates from the ancient constellation, commonly known as the Lion. This is a well-known constellation and is identified by a distinctive asterism of stars in the shape of a question mark. 

This star pattern is known as the Sickle and forms the huge head of the Lion. The earliest records of Leo the constellation are thought to have come from the Mesopotamians as early as 4000BC.

The Leo birth dates include people born between July 23 – August 22. This sign is a fire sign with positive polarity.

Leos have powerful positive traits, including creativity, passion, generosity, cheerfulness, and humor. 

On the negative side of the Leo sign traits, they can be arrogant, stubborn, self-centered, lazy, and inflexible. 

Leo loves planning and taking holidays, being admired, acquiring expensive things, and having fun with friends. 

They are attracted to bright colors. Keep in mind that to stay on the good side of a Leo, you need to treat them like a King or Queen!

Leo zodiac sign vs. Leo constellation

The Leo constellation is an ancient constellation first identified by the Mesopotamians as early as 4000BC. 

It was documented by the ancient Greek astrologers in 1200BC. They associated Leo with the Lion of Nemean, who was slain by Hercules.

This constellation forms the shape of a Lion. It is made by imagining the huge head, outlined by a Sickle shape of stars, and the tail and hindquarters, outlined by a triangle of stars.

The astrological sign for Leo is also a Lion, very similar to that of the constellation. Both represent a creature that is strong, powerful, and deserves the name – King of The Beasts. 

Leos are leaders and demand respect. Like the Lion in the mythology story, Leo needs a cave to live in. 

This is where he rests and gains comfort and strength. But he doesn’t stay there for long. 

He will always venture out with dignity, demanding respect.

Leo mythology

Leo the Lion has its roots in ancient Greek mythology. The story tells of Hercules, son of Zeus, who was tormented by his evil stepmother, Hera. She detested Hercules and took it upon herself to kill him. 

These ongoing attempts on his life eventually drove Hercules mad. In his rage, he killed six sons of Zeus. When Hercules regained his sanity, he was forced to carry out a number of labors as punishment.

The first labor was to kill a huge Lion that was terrorizing the city of Nemea. The Lion had a golden coat that could not be penetrated by classic weapons. Hercules did not know this and unsuccessfully tried to slay the lion with a bow and arrow. 

Hercules then devised another plan. He approached Lion’s cave, blocked off one of the entrances, and faced the Lion inside. After beating him with a club, he strangled the Lion to death.

Here is another interesting Leo zodiac fact – the ancient Greek astronomer, Eratosthenes, wrote in his records that the Lion was placed among the constellations because he was the King of the Beasts.

Leo symbol

The Leo Zodiac symbol is a Lion and comes from the Leo constellation of stars.

The constellation contains a well-defined asterism or pattern of stars. This pattern is called the Sickle and resembles a question mark. The head and mane of the Lion are set against these stars. 

At the base of the question mark, follow an imaginary line to the left, across his back to his tail. 

Another imaginary line straight down from the Sickle takes your eye to Regulus, the brightest star in the sky. Regulus marks the position of his front leg.

Leo the Lion constellation was identified in 4000BC by Mesopotamian Astronomers. The famous Greek astronomer Ptolemy identified the constellation in the Almagest in the second century AD. 

He named it Leo. What does Leo mean? It is the Latin word for Lion, which comes originally from the Greek word λέων which also means Lion.

The Leo Sign is also depicted as a glyph symbol. The word glyph comes from the Greek word meaning carving. 

This Leo astrological sign is an open circle with a curved line rising upwards and over, then flowing downwards. What does the Leo sign mean? The circle represents the body of the Lion and the curved line represents the tail.

Leo element

Each Zodiac sign belongs to one of the four elements of Air, Fire, Earth, and Water. 

What element is Leo? The Leo sign element is a fire sign, together with Aries and Sagittarius. 

These elements define an essential type of energy inside each of us. This energy shapes our personalities, emotions, and behavior.

The Fire element tells you much the common Leo attributes and all about Leos. It is a strong and dominating element, fiery and often larger than life. This element is forceful and also enjoys having fun. 

Like fire, it can easily burn out of control, so care is needed when dealing with people born under the sign of Leo.

What does it mean to be a fire sign? Fire signs are bold and ready to take on any challenge. They love to dominate but can also get aggressive if they feel that people or circumstances are getting in their way. 

Think of a small flame, suddenly getting a breeze of air. It becomes a raging fire that can be difficult to contain.

The element of Fire is creative and fun. It loves to discover new things and is seldom daunted by the size of a task. On the flip side, fire is dangerous. It can burn and cause untold damage. Leo has to constantly be aware of these two forceful opposing qualities.

Leo planetary rulership

In astrology, zodiac signs have a special relationship with certain planets and other celestial bodies. The Leo ruling planet is our very own Sun!

These planets and celestial bodies are known as ruling planets. The zodiac sign acquires attributes associated with the celestial body. 

The planets are also linked to the Houses that the sign falls under, shaping the core personality of the person.

For Leo, the Sun is the giver of life and the giver of the creative life force. 

The Sun is bright, bold, and hot. It gives strength and energy. People who identify with the Sun are happy, full of life, and outgoing. 

The sun is huge and majestic, a dominating force that manifests in the Leo personality. Unlike the Moon, the Sun does not have cycles. There is no ebb and flow. When the sun rises, it is always powerful and fierce.

All the planets of the solar system revolve around the Sun. It is the center and most important part of the system. 

Without the Sun, our solar system would not exist, and our planet Earth would not exist.

Leo house rulership

The Zodiac is divided up into 12 segments, much like a clock face. Each segment is known as a House. 

An astrological House has unique attributes and energies that shape the different aspects of your personality.

The House that you are born in also determines how you interact with people and with the world around you. 

On a larger scale, it extends into the Universe and influences the positive and negative experiences that you have in your lifetime.

As you can see from the picture above, the Ruling house of Leo is the fifth House. It is positioned at the right bottom corner of the zodiac wheel between Cancer and Virgo.

In Indian Leo astrology, the name of this house is Putra Bhava, which means The House of Children.

The 5th House has powerful traits that govern self-expression, creativity, color, romance, attention, fun, and play. This house is ruled by a sense of drama, very apparent in the Leo personality.

Leo Characteristics

When you are born, the planets and celestial bodies align in specific zodiac signs and houses. 

This alignment will determine the basic characteristics you will inherit as a person born in the Leo zodiac months of July 23 – August 22.


What are the characteristics of a Leo? Leo is confident and full of vigor. They believe that they can do anything and have a way of inspiring those around them. 

Leo’s have loads of creative energy, are determined and loyal, and make great friends. On the negative side, what type of person is Leo, and what are the bad traits of Leo? 

They can sometimes become too demanding, aggressive, and set in their ways. Under that proud, dignified persona, you may find a vulnerable person.


Leo zodiac traits of strength are creativeness, passion, generosity, warm-heartedness, cheerfulness, and humor. They are leaders and have powerful personalities.


Leo’s astrological traits of weakness are arrogance and stubbornness. They are self-centered, difficult to challenge, and can be inflexible. 

When Leo does get his way, he can become aggressive and dominating.


Leo loves the drama of the theater. They enjoy taking holidays and having fun with friends. Leo’s love to be admired. They are attracted to expensive things and bright colors.


Leo’s dislike being ignored or being put down as second best. Like a Lion, they will come out fighting, so beware!

Leo birthstones and herbal allies

The gemstone known as Peridot is the birthstone for Leo. This ancient stone was known to the Egyptians and was used as part of their elaborate jewelry created for the Pharaohs.

The Peridot symbolizes strength. It is sometimes called the Green Emerald. 

Folk stories tell that the green Peridot crystals found in ashes of volcanos were the tears of Pele, the volcano Goddess.

Leo attributes are a strong and dominating personality and this stone enhances their power. It has soothing powers that eliminate their negative traits. The soothing golden-green glow acts as a light of wisdom for Leos. 

The gemstone also helps to encourage an understanding between Leo and other people. As they tend to be self-centered and not open to criticism, this stone helps to achieve a better balance in the home and workplace.

Leos are concerned about their image and can become very sensitive and concerned about how they are perceived by others. Peridot helps Leo to overcome these fears.

Also resonating with Leo is the Tiger Eye. This strong and vibrant stone combines the high energies of earth and sun while keeping Leo grounded.

Herbal remedies that resonate with the Leo personality are Sunflower, Lemon Balm. 

Chamomile, Tarragon, and Eyebright. Eyebright helps to alleviate sore throats, a common problem that plagues Leos.

Leo health

People born under the Leo sign are prone to suffer from high fevers.

They tend to have more accidents than other signs and can get a sudden violent illness. Leo seldom has long lingering ailments. 

When they are ill, they realize that they are no longer dominant and tend to recover very fast! 

Being waited on is at first a great boost for their vanity, but the novelty soon wears off.

A Leo will suffer most from pains in the back and shoulders and spinal troubles. Accidents tend to relate to legs or ankles. 

Sore throats are also a common ailment. They either have very strong hearts or some weakness of the heart.

Leo recovers fast from sickness. The main problem is their impatience with staying in bed until they are well enough to get going again.

Leo career and money

Leo at work

Your Leo employee wants to be recognized. He is proud and dignified and won’t be ignored.

He loves a title and wants to be master of all around him. Leo’s make great sales-people and will keep your clients happy with their sunny and friendly disposition. 

If your employee sometimes seems lazy and arrogant, you will be rewarded when a crisis arises, and the Lion takes control, astounding all with their strength and ability to deal with the situation.

Leo as a Boss

Your boss born under the star signs Leo is not into the details. 

He is a master at delegating and will wave you away with a ‘Please do this report when it suits you – but I want it before noon.’ 

He will love your great ideas and truly believe that they are his in a delightfully friendly way. 

He can be charming and lovable but won’t hesitate to point out your shortcomings in front of all. If you have a sensitive nature, this Leo boss is probably not for you.

Leo friends and family


The perfect Leo description of your friend – he will be your faithful, generous, and loyal friend. Leo’s love to help others and will be a strong presence in your life. 

His dedication, however, may become overwhelming. Leos will expend large amounts of time and energy to provide for you.

Leo’s have outgoing, fun personalities and become the life of the party. They prefer not to be alone and surround themselves with friends. 

You will find your Leo friend hosting a celebration, making a speech, and rushing around, making sure that everyone is happy. 

Leo’s love to boost their self-esteem and being surrounded by friends does just that. The problem is that many friends simply find it too exhausting to keep up with the Lion.



Your Leo husband loves an audience. He wants to be on the stage in front of people. You will love his sleek, soft character, his meek soul, but beware, beneath hides the pride and arrogance of the Lion. 

He can be sentimentally affectionate and passionate, offering red roses and candlelit dinners. But this Lion can be jealous and possessive. He will always have a strong desire to protect his family.


Your Leo wife is sentimental! Great, well, maybe not so great if she keeps scrapbooks of her ex-boyfriends? She is always popular, a ray of sunshine, a social leader. She is witty, graceful, and not easily tamed. 

She will never worship at your feet! Is she acting shy and submissive? Don’t be fooled – just wait for her to sharpen her claws. She is a high powered challenge but certainly worth your while.


Your Leo child wants to lead, he wants to be at the front of the queue, at the top of the ladder, and can become rather sulky if this doesn’t happen. Then he will be offering sweets and treats and showing his friendly and affectionate side. 

He is happy, sunny, and fun when he gets his way – and then roars with anger and broods when he doesn’t. Encourage their leadership qualities but also let them know that everyone deserves a turn.

Leo love and sex

The Leo horoscope shows that this sign is fiery and passionate. In love relationships, they are loyal, respectful, generous, and fun. Know that your Leo partner will want to take the leadership role, in keeping with their mindset of independence and control.

Leo will be an affectionate, adventurous, energetic, and loving sexual partner. Be prepared to live up to your partner’s needs. If you are not as strong and not up to it, you may soon become extremely tired. 

This will create tension in the relationship. In this love relationship, you need to keep up with your Leo partner, spiritually, intellectually, and emotionally. If not, their bright sunlight may burn you up.

Best compatibility

What signs are compatible with Leo?

Signs compatible with Leo are with Gemini, Libra, Sagittarius, and Aries.

  • Gemini – they share loads of childish joy and fun. Leo will ground the airiness of Aries and Aries will tempt the Lion with challenges and ideas.
  • Libra – when Saturn and the Sun challenge one another, there is a lot to learn, and they can find a perfect balance.
  • Sagittarius – a great combination of warmth, passion, inspiration, and creativity.
  • Aries – both being fire signs, this pairing is emotional, passionate, and turbulent.

Worst compatibility

Leo is least compatible with Capricorn, Taurus, and Scorpio.

  • Capricorn – lacks energy, passion, creativity, and the impulsiveness that Leo wants.
  • Taurus – these are opposites of each other with far to much distance for compatibility.
  • Scorpio – both are stubborn and unrelenting and will never see eye-to-eye.

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How to attract Leo zodiac sign

How to attract a Leo man?

Are you prepared to give your man the Royal Treatment? A Leo man wants to be treated like the King of the Beasts that he is. 

But, don’t despair, he will reciprocate and treat you like a Queen. Be prepared to always look good to enhance his image. 

Making a great impression is paramount to your Leo man. Be ready for a whirl-wind life of fun, plans, high-speed decisions, and drama.

This man loves to be at the center of attention and may attract many interested admirers. Know that if you shower him with love and compliments, he will always want to stay safe with you.

How to attract a Leo woman?

A Leo woman expects to the center of your world. She wants you to shower her with compliments and gifts and treat her like royalty. 

If you do, she will worship you and adore you with a passion. You need to be strong. Leo women have no time for people who are weak or procrastinate. 

Be prepared to keep up with her fiery and out-going personality. Remember that underneath all this, she has the great Leo qualities of being warm-hearted. 

Plan a first date to the theater and she will be hooked!

Leo Tarot cards

The Tarot card associated with people born in the Leo zodiac months of July 23 to August 22, is Strength.

This card shows a woman holding a lion by the jaw. She is calm and courageous. Despite the danger, she shows compassion and love towards the animal. These traits perfectly fit the Leo personality. 

The woman on the card has taken control. This is a great lesson for Leo. 

They need to learn to control their emotions before they run wild and become damaging to themselves and others.

Leo’s have great inner strength and fortitude. They are able to make time for other people, even at their own expense. The Strength card shows that Leos are fearless and have no problem speaking their mind.

The Strength Tarot card suggests intense feelings in romance and Leo’s are just that. They love a passionate and fiery romance and will look for a partner who can bring the same amount of energy to the relationship.

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