Cancer Zodiac: Personality, Money, and Love (2024)

Symbol: The Crab
Date range: June 21 – July 22
Element: Water
Duality: Receptive
Polarity: Negative
Quality: Cardinal
Power color: Silver
Body part: Chest, stomach
Day: Monday, Thursday
Ruling planet: Moon

Ruling house: Fourth
Spirit color: Violet
Birthstone: Ruby
Flower: Orchid and white rose
Compatibility: Capricorn, Taurus
Tarot card: The Chariot
Key traits: Nurturing, emotional
Mantra: I feel
Lucky numbers: 2, 3, 15, 20

The Cancer Zodiac sign is the 4th astrological sign in the Zodiac. It originates from the Cancer Constellation, known as the Crab. 

This sign is a water sign and a cardinal sign, signaling the start of the summer season. Cancer has an ancient history and an exciting story in Greek mythology.

Cancer eminent personalities include Princess Diana, Tom Hanks, Selena Gomez, Alexander The Great, and Henry VIII of England.

Cancer zodiac sign

Cancer is the 4th astrological sign in the Zodiac. It falls in the year between Gemini, the Twins, and Leo, the Lion.

Cancer originates from the ancient constellation, commonly known as the crab. This is the faintest of the Zodiac constellations and, as such, is difficult to see with the naked eye.

It was first identified by the Babylonian astronomers as long ago as 3000 years ago.

cancer zodiac sign

The Cancer birth dates include people born between June 21 and July 22. This sign is a water sign with negative polarity.

Cancer is one of the four cardinal signs. The cardinal signs indicate a change of season when the sun makes its annual passage through their constellations in the sky.

The Cancer season is summer and the sign represents the start of the summer season.

Cancerians have many positive traits, including tenaciousness, a great imagination, loyalty, sympathy, and caring nature.

On the negative side, they can be moody, pessimistic, suspicious, manipulative, and insecure.

Cancerians love home-based hobbies and are great patrons of the arts. They are fiercely protective of their Mothers!

Cancer zodiac sign vs. cancer constellation

The Cancer constellation is an ancient constellation dating back over 2000 years. It was known to the Babylonian astronomers and the Greek astronomers. This constellation forms the shape of a crab, made by imaging the body and claws on top of an inverted Y-shape.

cancer constellation

The Cancer zodiac sign is also a crab, very similar to that of the constellation.

Both represent a creature that is tenacious and able to protect itself against hurt and danger with its strong shell.

However, underneath the hard exterior, is a loving and caring spirit that desires to nurture and protect others.

Cancer mythology

Cancer, the Crab, has its root in ancient Greek mythology.

The story tells of Hercules, son of Zeus, who was relentlessly tormented by his evil stepmother, Hera. She hated Hercules and made it her mission to kill him.

These ongoing attempts on his life eventually drove Hercules mad. In his rage, he killed six sons of Zeus.

When Hercules regained his sanity, he was forced to carry out a number of tasks as punishment.

One of the tasks was to kill Hydra, a snake-like creature with multiple heads. Hera was horrified as she watched him battle with Hydra.

She summoned the Crab and sent him into the battle to distract Hercules. The crab was very small and had little effect.

After biting his ankle, Hercules crushed it in a rage with his foot.

This myth ends two ways – Hercules kicked the crab into the sky or, Hera placed it there to honor its service. You can choose which one you prefer.

Cancer symbol

The Cancer astrology symbol is a Crab and comes from the Cancer constellation of stars. The constellation contains a number of bright stars that form an inverted Y-shape.

The crab image is made by imagining its body set against the inverted Y-shape. The stem of the Y is the center of the back.

The two arms of the V represent the claws that extend outwards from the front of the body.

Cancer Horoscope Zodiac Prediction Graphic Concept

Cancer the Crab constellation was identified almost 3000 years ago by Babylonian astronomers.

At the time, they named it the Crayfish. The Egyptians kept records of constellations as far back as 2000BC.

In these records, they described the constellation as Scarabaeus, the Scarab, a beetle with a hard blue shell.

The constellation was first cataloged by the Greek astronomer Ptolemy in the 2nd century. He named it Cancer, the Latin word for Crab.

The Cancer sign is also depicted as a glyph symbol. The word glyph comes from the Greek word meaning carving.

This Cancer symbol Zodiac looks like a 69 lying sideways. It is, in fact, not the number 69, but a representation of the claws of the crab.

Cancer element

Each Zodiac sign belongs to one of the four elements of Air, Fire, Earth, and Water. What element is Cancer?

The Cancer astrological sign is a water sign, together with Scorpio and Pisces.

These elements define an essential type of energy inside each of us, which shapes our personalities, emotions, and behavior.


The Water element tells you much about Cancerians and what is a Cancer personality. It is a flowing and fluid element, relating mostly to the emotions.

So, what does the zodiac sign Cancer mean? Water signs have deep feelings that can change from calm and placid to raging and wild in an instant.

Think of a calm, bubbling stream or a raging storm. These opposing characteristics manifest in the Cancer personality.

The element of Water is nurturing and very sensitive. It translates into a love of aesthetic beauty, arts, and culture.

On the flip side, water can stagnate, and Cancer personality traits can sometimes show as depression and inaction.

Cancerians need to keep busy helping and nurturing friends and family – these Cancer qualities bring them happiness.

Cancer planetary rulership

In astrology, zodiac signs have a special relationship with certain planets. These planets are ruling planets and the sign acquires attributes associated with the celestial body.

The planets are also linked to the Houses that the sign falls under, shaping the personality of the person.

Sun system

Our very own Moon rules the birth sign Cancer. The Moon represents our deepest needs, reactions, and habits.

It offers a sense of security, giving rise to the calm and peaceful emotions when they are safe at home.

The Moon associates with the Mother figure and feminine energy. Most Cancerian men hold their Mother in high esteem and she is a vital part of their lives.

With its lunar cycles, the Moon brings moodiness to Cancer people. They can be upbeat and happy and then plunge into sadness and depression.

This ebb and flow will always be a part of their personality.

Cancer house rulership

The Zodiac is divided up like a clock into 12 segments. Each segment is known as a House.

An astrological House has unique energy and attributes that determine the many aspects of your personality.

It also plays a part in how you interact with people and the world around you. It extends even further into the Universe and influences the positive and negative experiences that unfold in your lifetime.

houses of astrology

As you can see from the picture above, the Ruling house of Cancer is the fourth house. This segment is positioned at the bottom of the zodiac wheel and represents a strong foundation.

In Indian Cancer astrology, the name of this house is Bandhu Bhava, which means House of the Home and the Mother.

Being the Foundation, the 4th House includes basic requirements such as your home, security, parents, and children.

Cancer is a nurturing sign and the Mother parent is a vital part of a Cancerian’s life. This House also represents the Cancerian trait of looking after and caring for others.

Cancer characteristics

At the time of your birth, the planets align in specific zodiac signs and houses.

These positions determine the basic characteristics you will inherit as a person born in the Cancer zodiac month of June 21 – July 22.

Horoscope. Cancer Zodiac Sign, Beautiful woman Cancer on zodiac


What is the personality of a Cancer? Cancerians are known for their compassion and their ability to look after others. Their sensitivity runs deep and their moods are closely aligned with the moon, changing from upbeat to broody in a moment.

Cancerians have a deep attachment to the past and worry about the future. But, they are masters at protecting themselves with a hard crab like-shell.


Cancer traits of strength are loyalty and a great imagination. Cancerians are sympathetic and show empathy to those around them.


Cancerians can become moody and pessimistic. They are often suspicious and insecure.


Cancerians love being at home. They have a keen interest in art. Water is a great attraction. Helping and nurturing people makes them happy.


Cancerians are reluctant to reveal their personal life. They have an inherent dislike of strangers. Don’t ever criticize their Mother!

Cancer birthstones and herbal allies

The stunning red ruby is the birthstone for Cancer. The Ruby symbolizes love, passion, energy, and a love of life.

Cancerians have a deep spiritual attachment to life and love and are always ready to embrace romance and passion.

The red ruby dazzles with its bright color, perfectly matching its vitality for life.

red ruby

Rubies also offer strong energy for psychic protection and Cancerians need this to ward off their mood swings. When Cancerians become lost and aimless, the Ruby helps to ground and keep them stable.

Also resonating with the Cancer sign is Chalcedony, Moonstone, Pearl, Sapphire, and Emerald.

Sapphires bring inner peace and spiritual enlightenment. Moonstones help reduce emotional instability and stress, bringing an aura of calmness.

Herbal remedies that work well with the Cancer personality are Sage, Aloe, Lemon balm, Bay Leaf, and Parsley. Aloe is particularly beneficial in healing digestive and skin problems that tend to plague Cancerians.

Cancer health

Cancerians are often prone to fall into depression and this has a direct effect on their health. In this state, they easily fall sick or have accidents.

Their very imaginative mind also works against them, often turning a minor ailment into a serious condition and extending the time it takes to recover.

Young woman practicing yoga doing side crane pose in

Cancerians experience problems with the chest and breast areas, kidneys, and bladder. They are also prone to skin ailments. The face and head are sensitive, and they often suffer from headaches.

Ulcers are a common ailment endured by Cancerians – more than any other zodiac sign.

To answer the question – is Cancer a strong zodiac sign – the answer is Yes, despite their mood swings, they are a crab, with a hard and protective shell and can withstand illness and live to a ripe old age.

Cancerians need to stay cheerful and laugh a lot – the best remedy for self-healing their many ailments and illnesses.

Cancer career and money

Cancer at work

You want to employ people born under the astrological sign Cancer!

They work hard, not for recognition but because they value their paycheck and security.

Obviously, they are ambitious and expect their cheques to increase accordingly, or they will be off to a more appealing opportunity.

Exploring this great world . Mixed media

Their compassionate side often has them supporting relatives, friends, and money is needed for this. Don’t be surprised if Mom pops into the office now again with some treats.

Cancer as a Boss

Do not be fooled by the sense of humor of your Cancer boss. Stop the jokes and get down to work.

These bosses are fair, serious, and professional. They will reward your achievements and your dedication will impress them.

Picture your boss in an executive office with a photo of Mom on the desk. Your Cancer boss will often amaze you with his understanding of your feelings.

Cancer friends and family


Your Cancerian friend is very susceptible to your moods and circumstances. If he thinks that you need help, he will be there in a flash.

Don’t put him off; this can lead to depression and feelings of rejection. Virgo, Capricorn, and Pisces make great friends with Cancerians.

If you are an art fan and love to wander around galleries, Cancer will be your best friend.

happy family by the sea on nature silhouette background



You need to understand the lunar moods of your Cancer husband. With his Cancer man traits, he can be flirtatious and fickle, then sensitive and loyal. Know that behind that protective crab shell, he is very soft and affectionate.

Your man will always pay the rent on time and make sure that your future is taken care of. Don’t get upset if he talks endlessly about his Mother!


Is she a gentle creature or crazy and wild? Don’t be confused – she is both. Lunar cycles rule the Cancer woman and her moods change just as fast.

She is fastidious about money and making sure her finances are in order. But, she is not stuffy or rigid, be patient, and her secret dreams may be revealed to you.


Cancer children need a lot of love and care. Their childhood years have a strong influence on later life.

They love to learn, but only about things that interest them. Be prepared for the change of the lunar mood.

Cancer love and sex

Cancer is an emotional sign, and feelings are very important to them in a relationship. They want a partner who can understand their changing moods.

People born between Cancer dates desire a love life that is stable and has a shared responsibility.

They love to talk about issues of the home and need your support.

Cancerians are inherently nurturing people and they desire a love based on compassion, understanding, and traditional values.

Cancer zodiac sign and constellation symbol on a cosmic blue background with stars. Horoscope astrology, astronomy, fantasy, mythology. Vintage engraving tattoo style. Hand drawn vector illustration.

Best compatibility

What zodiac signs are compatible with cancer and what is Cancer’s best love match?

Cancer is most compatible with Taurus, Scorpio, Capricorn, and Pisces.

  • Taurus – Shares a love of understanding, compassion, and giving.
  • Scorpio – These two tap into each other’s hidden emotional side, resulting in a beautiful lifetime relationship.
  • Capricorn – Shares a bond of been driven by the karma of their ancestors.
  • Pisces – Both water signs share beautiful emotions and deep feelings.

Worst compatibility

Cancer is the least compatible with Aries, Gemini, Sagittarius, and Aquarius.

  • Aries – The impatience of Aries does not bond well with the emotional moods of Cancer.
  • Gemini – They have different views on life, emotions, and relationships.
  • Sagittarius – Energy levels are very different, leading to misunderstanding and irritation.
  • Aquarius – Struggles with Cancer’s changing moods and emotions.

Also read about the Leo zodiac.

How to attract cancer zodiac sign

How to attract Cancer men?

If you find yourself falling for a Cancer man, you need to remember that he is very sensitive.

He desires a partner who will show feelings of protection and offer loads of attention. You will have to make the first move in the relationship.

When you win his heart, you will find that he is nurturing and loving, wanting to care for his wife and children.

Cancer zodiac sign and constellation symbol on a cosmic blue background with stars. Horoscope astrology, astronomy, fantasy, mythology. Vintage engraving tattoo style. Hand drawn vector illustration.

Family is vitally important to him and he will always provide for you.

PS! Be respectful of his Mother – she is a vital part of his life.

How to attract Cancer women?

At heart, a Cancer woman is a home-loving creature and longs for a long term relationship.

With her Cancer female traits, she not your one-night-stand lady. Be aware that this lady is emotional and subject to mood swings.

Love and care for her and she will offer you a dedicated and long-lasting relationship.

Appeal to her romantic side with flowers and candle-lit dinners. Most of all, prepare to be loyal and faithful.

Cancer Tarot cards

The Tarot card associated with people born between the Cancer sign dates of June 21 – July 22, is the Chariot.

This may come as a surprise as it is a card that represents freedom and movement, attributes not usually associated with home-loving Cancerians.

Tarot cards Tarot, the chariot card

However, thinking deeper about it, you will see that the Chariot represents movement in the form of growth and change.

It shows the desire to use intuition to move to a higher emotional state, something that Cancerians are very adept at doing.

This card is about overcoming obstacles and moving forward in a positive direction.

Seeing a Chariot as a way of venturing out, Cancer finds a balance between the need for caring for the home and becoming more free and independent.

The Chariot as a moving home makes perfect sense to a Cancerian.

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